Marco J.W. Götte, MD, PhD

Imaging Cardiologist at Amsterdam UMC

Marco has been for over a decade active in the field of Interventional Cardiac MRI. Experienced in setting up an iCMR facility. Keen to share his expertise with new multidisciplinary iCMR teams. Studies pathophysiological mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias using novel CMR and ECGi techniques. Focuses on improving patient-specific diagnostics and therapies using MRI-guided cardiac interventions. Leads a successful translational iCMR research team that develops new (i)CMR technologies.

Cor P. Allaart, MD, PhD

Cardiologist-electrophysiologist at Amsterdam UMC

Cor has performed dozens of MRI-guided cardiac interventions. He is also an expert in the field of AF and flutter ablations and has excellent knowledge of invasive pressure measurements and hemodynamics. For many years he has been studying the impact of CRT on cardiac function in heart failure patients using PV loops.

Combines his excellent knowledge and experience with the clinical application of advanced technology.

Daniel S. Knight, MD, PhD

Consultant Cardiologist, Honorary Associate Professor at Children’s Cardiovascular Disease & Royal Free Centre for Cardiovascular Research, ICS, London UK & Chair of the SCMR working group iCMR

Daniel has specialist interests in pulmonary hypertension and CMR. His research involves the development of novel biomarkers in pulmonary hypertension and scleroderma using innovative magnetic resonance-based techniques. These include MR-guided right heart catheterization, MR-cardiopulmonary exercise testing, and advanced CMR tissue characterization.

Raschel van Luijk, BSc

MR technologist & team leader MR at Amsterdam UMC

Raschel has been an MR technologist at the Amsterdam UMC for over 15 years. As the MR technician team leader, she and her team perform more than 3000 cardiac MR scans per year. Since the start of the iCMR procedures in 2022, she has been the dedicated iCMR technologist, preserving the patient's safety and translating the needs of imaging cardiologists and electrophysiologists into high-quality cardiac images for navigating catheters and evaluating delivered ablation therapy.

Jules Nelissen, PhD

Medical Imaging & ICT expert at Radiology & Nuclear Medicine department of Amsterdam UMC

Jules Nelissen studied Biomedical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology in Eindhoven. He graduated on the topic of ultra-short echo time MR imaging of mouse myocardial fibrosis. During his MSc-track he was awarded the dr. E. Dekker Dutch Heart Foundation grant to perform an internship at the Image Science Division of St. Thomas’ Hospital at King’s College London under the supervision of dr. Markus Henningsson and prof. René Botnar on fat-suppressed coronary artery vessel wall MRI. Subsequently, he did his PhD at the Center for Imaging Research & Education (CIRE) lab of the Eindhoven University of Technology & Philips Research at the High Tech Campus (HTC, Eindhoven) on the topic of advanced MR imaging and elastography techniques. During his PhD he also visited the lab of prof. Ralph Sinkus in the Image Science Division of St. Thomas’ Hospital at King’s College London.

Irene Frenay, MD

Cardiologist at Amsterdam UMC

Bernadette Schurink, MD, PhD

Pathology resident at Amsterdam UMC

Dr. Bernadette Schurink is a Pathology Resident at Amsterdam UMC with great interest and outstanding expertise in human cardiac anatomy and embryology. Before she became a resident in Pathology, she combined her PhD with being a university lecturer in Anatomy.

Pranav Bhagirath, MD, PhD

Cardiologist & Fellow Cardiac Electrophysiology at Amsterdam UMC

Marielle van de Veerdonk, MD, PhD

Cardiologist at Amsterdam UMC

Mariëlle is an imaging/heart failure cardiologist specializing in right heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. She is interested in advanced hemodynamic parameters (such as cardiac pressure-volume loop analyses) obtained by synchronous right heart catheterization guided by cardiac MRI.

During her Ph.D., she focused on right heart function in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension. Subsequently, she expanded her clinical and- research concentrate to patients with pulmonary hypertension associated with structural left heart and- valvular heart diseases.

Luuk Hopman, PhD

Research Fellow Cardiology at Amsterdam UMC

Luuk is a dedicated clinical researcher who has recently completed his PhD thesis titled "Imaging of the Atria in Atrial Fibrillation Patients Using Cardiac MRI: Exploring Novel Markers, Fibrosis Assessment, and Guidance for Ablation Strategies". 

With an enthusiasm for medical imaging, Luuk has significantly advanced the field through numerous publications in peer-reviewed medical journals and presentations at international conferences. 

His research centers on investigating both functional and structural alterations in the atria, making him a valuable member of the interventional CMR team.

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